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  1. In general, I would say the following: 1. FLAT CONDITIONS: Flat is new, very good condition especially comparing with other flats in the center. 3 bedrooms, big living room, convenient kitchen, decent toilet New construction building with service if something is broken Window at every room, with no building blocking = "open" view and sunlight 10th floor Fully furnished (bed, wardrobe, washing machine, coffee machine, dishes, etc,etc ) 2.LOCATION: It's not very near to the center. You need 50min to people square. So, if you feel like partying-socializing very often it's not the right place. There is Starbucks but no foreigner bars around the neighbourhood. For me one-two times per week that I meet my friends works perfectly. There is an international super market 10 minutes walk, so you can buy anything you need, Fruit-Vegetable market that works every day 5 minutes walk, Gym with swimming pool 10 minutes walk, The compound is well take care of, peaceful with nice gardens etc etc Cheap Chinese restaurants with good food. Shopping mall and cinema (10minutes walk) 3. FLATMATES’ AGREEMENTS: - Cleaning: It's simple, if we use the kitchen and the shower after we MUST clean. We don't leave it for next day so that we will keep the house clean. We wash the dishes and pans after we use them. Just to remain the flat clean. If I use the pan and I don't clean it after you will not be able to cook. (Hope it makes sense to you. Not something extra ordinary, just to be clean and don't cause problems to each other) - Cleaning the common area (living room, kitchen, WC) once per week (In general just to keep the place clean and comfortable living conditions) - No smoking inside the flat besides special occasion - Your friend can visit you and stay one-two nights per week in the flat but can't live here.